Do you qualify for a home loan? I bet you do! READ THIS!!

You may think you don’t qualify for a home loan, but you may be pleasantly surprised that you do.  USDA Rural Development (RD) loans are available in areas such as Little Falls, St. Joseph, Avon, Foley, Randall and many other rural communities and counties.  These loans are 100% financed with NO money down.

Your buying power in the housing market today is phenomenal!  This is a GREAT time to buy.  With the RD loans that are available and low interest rates you can buy a lot of house today for your dollar.  Think about owning your own home..every month you pay down the mortgage and you gain equity.

Your first step to homeownership is to talk with your lender.  If you don’t currently have one I can refer you to one of the professional lenders that I have established a working relationship with.  They will be able to get you pre-qualified for a loan and then you and I can start searching for that perfect house that you have always dreamed of!

Want the details?   Let me help you get started in the home buying process.  Give me a call at 320.232.7053 or email me at

Let’s find you that dream home today!

Debra Hines



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